Highbridge Voices collaborates with professional organizations in New York City to provide high-quality after-school programming for its students.

  • 1360 Merriam Ave: our afterschool program center is located in the heart of the Highbridge community where our students have their base from musical learning.
  • The Metropolitan Opera Guild: Our musical program is developed under the guidance of the Met Guild community outreach program who in their research has identified that young individuals significantly benefit in their general educational development from music education. We apply these principles at Highbridge Voices. The Metropolitan Opera Staff generously provides musical instruction.
  • Fordham University: The Fordham Center for Community Engaged Learning provides academic support for HBV students on and off-site.
  • MOSAIC Beacon Community Center: Through their generosity MOSAIC assists Highbridge Voices with additional space for choir rehearsals located within short walking distance from 1360 Merriam Ave.
  • Catholic Charities Community Services: To address any challenges that our students and their families may have Catholic Charities partners with HBV to help with guidance and counseling when required.
  • Highbridge Community Development Corporation: Providing housing for over 700 families HCDC also provides the home for Highbridge Voices as well as many support services.
  • New York Yankees: New York Yankees have chosen Highbridge Voices as one of their community support charities the relationship between The Yankees and Highbridge Voices has led to such events as Highbridge Voices performing the national anthem at Yankee Stadium