Robert Johnson
Robert has been working as an Electrical Engineer in New York for the past five years. He has strong interests in urban planning, transportation, education and the impacts of city services within communities.
He has been a singer and admirer of choral music since childhood. For the past two years he has been a member of the Fort Washington Community Choir in Washington Heights.
The son of a Math teacher, Robert has been involved in STEM education for many years. In high school and college this took the form of math tutoring, teaching assistant work, and SAT prep tutoring. More recently this has involved work for the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Sciences both as a computer science TA, and a long-term mentor. Robert is especially excited to be tutoring in math fundamentals at Highbridge.
Robert grew up in West Philadelphia where he attended J.R. Masterman High School. He lived in Boston for four years while he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.