Academic Program

Combining Highbridge Voices’ mission to “inspire excellence” with the Common Core education standards, the academic program goes beyond the bounds of traditional classroom teaching. At Highbridge Voices, students receive both group and individualized academic instruction to help them be successful students and engaged learners.

Our Concert Choir students focus on math, reading, and writing skills. Students spend over six hours each week on homework, participating in reading initiatives, and receiving academic instruction.


Our Chamber Choir students develop their reading and writing skills through instructional classes. Students who are struggling academically receive one-on-one tutoring that provides them with individualized academic support and learn test-taking strategies so they can improve their grades. The eleventh and twelfth grade students in our program focus on college readiness and self-advocacy. Through the customized curriculum, students are given tools and strategies to be solution-oriented critical thinkers, a skill that will help them succeed in college and in life.

As most Highbridge Voices students are first-generation college applicants, the students and their families are guided through the process of preparing for the SAT, conducting college visits and completing applications, FAFSA and scholarship applications, and learning how to navigate the higher education system.


4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Math

Basic math competencies are integral to students’ ability to understand higher levels of math and are indicators of students’ college-readiness. Highbridge Voices strives to ensure that students master these math skills and concepts by providing 120 minutes of math instruction each week from a New York State licensed instructor. These classes are designed reinforce material that students are learning in school and to introduce new material as well.

Study Hall and Academic Coaches

Highbridge Voices students are given time to do their homework every day. Academic Coaches supervise Study Halls and assist students in completing their schoolwork. Students have access to computers, printers, and all school supplies they need to complete their work. Students who show a need for one-on-one assistance can also receive tutoring during Study Halls.

One on One Tutoring

Tutoring is available for any student in need of assistance or enrichment. During tutoring sessions, students learn and review content and develop effective studying and test-taking strategies.

Middle and High School Summer Program

Our High School Summer Program prepares seventh through eleventh grade students for the increased rigor of high school.During this six-week intensive, students study math and English language arts in a “real world” context. Past courses of study include: New York Underground: an exploration of our hometown, Race & Identity in America, Algebra & Financial Literacy, The American Short Story, and My Backyard: an Exploration of New York City.

College Prep

IMG_0403College enrollment is an integral part of Highbridge Voices’ mission, and college preparedness is a focal point of our program.Throughout their time at Highbridge Voices, each student tours several college campuses. They meet with professors, college students, and are able to ask questions about the specific school and college life in general. Highbridge Voices also provides each student with college counseling, guidance through the application process, and SAT preparation. We work with students and families as they navigate the Common App, the FAFSA, and other common administrative logistics.

Past campus tours include: Harvard University, San Jose State University, George Mason University, Westminster Choir College, University of Central Florida, and McGill University.

Summer Voices

Our Summer Voices is back!!

Program Dates: August 23- August 27, 2021
Sign up by August 1, 2021

Summer Voices is an expanding music and academic program at Highbridge Voices. For two weeks each summer, rising fourth and fifth graders participate in this day-camp experience to get a feel for what it’s like to be in Highbridge Voices. Students participate in daily choir rehearsals and learn the basics of how to read music and how to be in a choir. Summer Voices participants also dust off their math and English language arts skills in preparation for the coming school year. Add in large group games, outdoor recreation time, lunches, and great staff—and you have an experience you can only find at Highbridge Voices! To be eligible for Summer Voices, students must have completed third or fourth grade and live in the Highbridge neighborhood. To register, please submit these forms: Fillable 2021 Summer Program Permission Slip or Online Registration form by August 1, 2021.

For more information, contact us.