Annual Performance Gala

“Education enrichment through music is our mission”


Dear Supporter of Highbridge Voices
Highbridge voices kept its doors open with both virtual and in-person after school programming during the Covid Pandemic.  For those of our students who could not attend we provided and supported internet services.   Now over 80 kids are receiving our services every week again and we have started a campaign to increase those numbers to 180 students within the next 24 months.   Our needs are great to achieve these goals so we are able to serve this highly vulnerable student community in the Highbridge section of the Bronx.

We were fortunate to have been able to retain a significant number of our students in spite of initial vaccine resistance and now it is time to enhance our programs, expand our reach, and rebuild to be an even stronger Highbridge Voices.    Our goals are to again attain the size of 180+ students that we service per annum which would include 15+ or so Seniors applying to college each year.    We are on an intensive student recruitment campaign to get us to those numbers – and with your generous support we will be in a position to continue to provide excellent high-quality services to help them achieve their potential.

Highbridge Voices has had tremendous success enriching the lives of the underserved Highbridge youth (grade school, middle school, high school) for nearly 25 years by providing a nurturing after school program based on the principles of “focus through song” in a safe environment in this one of the most underserved and low-income communities in the United States.

Our research has shown again and again that 98% of HBV students complete high school in 4 years vs. 60% of the Bronx’s District 9 students. (Study: 2011-2019).  These differences have been even more amplified with the devastating impacts of Covid-19.   Now it is time to re-build.
Please contribute on our web site for a tax-deductible donation as permitted or send a check to Highbridge Voices.    Will you help?     Easy click and donate.

We thank you for your continued support.   The Annual Gala will be held at Lincoln Center Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse on June 7th at 6pm.

Attached please find our thank you letter to you as well as a reply and donation card for the Annual Gala.

Our students thank you.

Event Gala Chairperson    Donna O’Brien

Gala Committee
Donna O’Brien * Tom O’Brien * Msgr. Donald Sakano *Catherine Vaughn* Markus Deutsch * Dana Randall * Sally Topcuoglu * Kevin Fee * Christine Fee *Linda Del Rio  Marie Stroud *Joseph Hudson 

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Markus Deutsch                                                                         Marie Stroud
Co-Chair                                                                                     Program Director

Highbridge Voices
a 501 (c) 3 Corporation

PS: Please type in the words “Highbridge Voices Youtube Hamilton” in your internet browser to view examples of the student’s excellent performances. One of my personal favorites was the remote compilation of “Dear Theodosia” from the Broadway musical Hamilton. But they are all good and heartwarming. Please find it in your heart to give to this excellent cause today.