“Inspiring excellence in the lives of the children of the Highbridge community through their participation in music”

Highbridge Voices is an after-school music and academic program which seeks to inspire excellence in our students through the example of excellence in our programs and staff, working in collaboration with families and the community.

How we measure ourselves:


Highbridge Voices students learn to perform and connect to music across a wide breadth of genres and time periods through curriculum aligned with the National Standards for Music Education. Proficiency is demonstrated in concerts, recitals, voice juries, and music theory classes.


Highbridge Voices students deepen their educational foundation and college/life readiness through rigorous individualized study in math and English Language Arts with the specific and measured aim of New York State grade level proficiency, through college test prep, and select electives.


Highbridge Voices students demonstrate character through their eight-year commitment to our challenging choral and academic programs in which they are held accountable to themselves, to each other, to their families, and the Highbridge community.