Highbridge Voices provides intensive music, academic enrichment, and social programs for youth to learn, interact, and develop crucial life skills and helps them transition into college and professional careers.

As members of a world-class vocal ensemble, children acquire essential social and musical training, performance opportunities and present music on the highest level for the community and beyond. 


For over 25 years, Highbridge Voices has successfully achieved its mission of fostering hope and opportunity to a challenged community* by way of an after-school program featuring choral music. 

*Highbridge is in the Congressional District with the lowest median income in the United States

As a result of the pandemic and digital isolation, children are at higher risk than ever of irreversible social, academic, and personal harm; spending upwards of six hours a day on devices (or more in low-income communities). 

According to research, children and adolescents now use technology to combat loneliness and alienation as they grow up in this hyper-competitive world. Social interaction has now been replaced with online interaction, cyberbullying, exploitation, alienation, and psychological manipulation. In addition, excessive screen time is bad for children both physically and mentally and can lead to obesity and reduce students’ focus and decision-making skills. Highbridge Voices has seen this impact on its own membership and participation. 

As a result, we are creating new relationships within both public and private schools in the neighborhood and fostering a collaborative effort to “Save our youth”. In addition, to our current outreach and enrollment of 170 public school students, we are actively building a relationship with Sacred Heart School and Sacred Heart Church where we believe lies the best opportunity for success through a secure and value-based environment within our challenged community. 


Mission Report
To view the Highbridge Voices Mission Report, please click the link below.

HBV 2022 Mission Report

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