Class of 2014 Prepares for College

Bree’Ana walked into Highbridge Voices with a huge smile, and who could blame her? She had just been notified of her acceptance to SUNY-Sullivan. A first generation college applicant, Bree’Ana is “nervous and excited”, but she is relieved that all the hard work is paying off.

Highbridge Voices is proud to have four graduating seniors this year. Donovan Agbo, Karizma Nisbett, Samaira Perez and Bree’Ana Walker have been dedicated members of our program since they were in elementary school. They’ve grown into peer leaders and have invested many hours as student interns and members of the Chamber Choir. They have spent nearly eight years at Highbridge Voices, and the time is quickly approaching when they will graduate from high school and move on to a new, exciting chapter in their lives.

With a focus on academic success and preparation for the “real world” Highbridge Voices exposes students to the rigors and excitement of college early on. Through their travels with the Chamber Choir, Karizma, Donovan, Samaira and Bree’Ana took campus tours at University of Central Florida, Westminster Choir College, and McGill University long before they took their first SAT exam. Allowing students to see the variety of schools available is just one example of how Highbridge Voices prepares students for the application process.

In the summer before their junior year, Karizma, Donovan, Samaira, and Bree’Ana took the SAT exam for the first time, followed by the first of two Kaplan SAT prep courses. Thanks to generous donors, Highbridge Voices provided each Class of 2014 student with three SAT exams and two six-week Kaplan courses, so that they could improve their scores over time. Each student also received financial assistance with college application fees.

As the first in their families to go to college, the students were provided with guidance and advice throughout their junior and senior year. With the help of our Academic Director, Mr. Nicholas Woo, the students discussed the reasons for attending college, identified what they were looking for in a college experience, and researched prospective institutions.

We expect for our Class of 2014 students to hear back from schools in March and April. Donovan has been accepted to Fisk University in Nashville, TN, and is waiting to hear back from several other colleges. We look forward to receiving news for all of our seniors and to honoring their achievements at the 2014 Benefit Concert.