This summer, thirteen middle school and high school students from Highbridge Voices participated in our annual summer program. This year’s curriculum focused on a “Healthy Neighborhoods” initiative in which students created projects that focused on the obstacles faced by residents of the South Bronx in attempting to develop healthy habits.

Students toured and surveyed NYC neighborhoods to understand socioeconomic complexities, interviewed field experts, and participated in a symposium with Public Health Educator Candida Bido of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Among the topics researched were obesity, stress, the value of arts-based education, self-esteem, public safety, nutrition and resource development. Students created multimedia presentations that highlighted the challenges our communities face, as well as possible alternatives and solutions for the problems. Below is a selection of some of the fine work our students did this summer under the supervision of Mr. Woo and Mr. Lanzetta. Read their essays here! Stress in Our Community Nutrition Options in the Bronx How does Media affect the Self Esteem of Minority Females? Music and Arts Education: How Important is it to the Community?