Thank you for supporting young people like Nykara

Dear Friends of Young People,

Our students and their families at Highbridge Voices are experiencing the uptick in unemployment and sickness that is blanketing the Bronx. Conditions are challenging with food deserts in some areas, language barriers for non native English speakers, the loss of family members and resources allocated to the area. This is why your investments in the young people at Highbridge Voices now is more vital while we serve them remotely during this crisis. One of our graduating seniors, Nykara shared just how important Voices is to her.

 “Music and performing have been an essential part of my life. The two combined, bring joy to my life, serving as a passion of mine. I took music very seriously, as it became a clear career path. Through music I’ve made friends that have turned into family, allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone, and seek out more opportunities. I became an overachiever in my music class. Because of this, I’ve been given some great opportunities. People even come to me for help, and I never hesitated to provide it.” Nykara

Please watch the video in the link above to learn more about Nykara and see how you can continue to help her fulfill her life’s purpose. Also, you will learn how to support young people at Highbridge Voices as the Bronx fights to reemerge from the pandemic.

Thank you!