THANK YOU!!! Like me you are a significant supporter of children at Highbridge Voices.

June 2020

Dear Friend of Children at Highbridge Voices,

THANK YOU!!! Like me you are a frequent and significant supporter of children at Highbridge Voices.For the past twenty years I have attended Highbridge Voices concerts and have been a regular investor in children. In that time scores of students have completed high school, entered college ready, and equally important became valuable contributors to society.

Our support is even more critical today for the young people in the Bronx as they and their families battle the coronavirus pandemic and wrestle with the current unrest. The Bronx has the highest death rate of all the boroughs from the virus (Poverty, pollution and neglect: How the Bronx became a coronavirus ‘formula for disaster’). The pandemic and the traditional challenges of race and inequality reinforces why it is so important to support these young people to help them rise to new levels of achievement.

I am constantly amazed at the resilience of the students and families at Highbridge Voices. When I was born I lived in New York City Housing Authority housing in the Bronx and my family sacrificed so that I could excel. Our Highbridge families and students are striving today to fully realize the American Dream.

Here is the story of one student, Rosa:
“To this day I am grateful for the push [I received at Highbridge Voices] because here I am graduating from high school and celebrating nine years of participating at the program. This is where I fell in love with music…and I found my voice. Now I am ready to use it!”

Annual investments from supporters like you were critical to her completion of high school and helped provide her with a vision for her future. Remembering her early days at Highbridge Voices Rosa said, “I didn’t think that college was an option for me…I was too afraid of the unknown. To me I didn’t see too many students of color graduating. Having someone like Ms. Kearney to push me to see my true potential makes me believe I can do anything.”

This is why my wife and I give a number of scholarships at Highbridge Voices and are making a significant commitment again this year. We feel strongly as better education is key for success. Part of my signature for my email states: “There is no investment with a higher return on invested capital than education.”

Will you join us by making an annual gift to assist Rosa and all young people like her as the Highbridge Voices team serves them remotely during the pandemic. We are asking all of our friends to please make a commitment equal to their gift last year by giving during the 2020 Power of Friendship Appeal for Children at Highbridge Voices between now and as soon as possible as we end our fiscal year on June 30, 2020. Your investment enables our Highbridge Voices team to continue to operate during these turbulent times in the Bronx (Opinion | Life and Death as Hospitals Fight the Coronavirus in the Bronx). Like the hospital and many of the critical infrastructure organizations, we are fighting to survive and to continue to serve. This is why you and your gift today matters so much to help all the young people at this time.

All of Highbridge Voices Board members are committed to giving and we ask that you join us to reach the goal to secure $150,000 to provide scholarships for after school students and those ascending to college. An anonymous donor has just committed to give $50,000 if we raise $100,000 during this Appeal and $100,000 if we receive $150,000! For every dollar you give we will receive an additional $.50 in donations will be received. Won’t you join us today?

Here’s how you can help:

  • Confirm your 2020 commitment online at by clicking the Donate Now button.
  • Mail your gift to Highbridge Voices at: 1360 Merriam Ave, Bronx, NY 10452 (Call our office for help at 718-293-8759)
  • Learn more and make your commitment with the Highbridge Voices representative when they reach you by email and phone
  • Make a pledge of support by emailing to [email protected]

Thank you for linking arms with the team at Highbridge Voices. On behalf of the children, thank you!


Sheldon Horowitz
Safe Harbour Group, Ltd.
91 South Main Street New City, NY 10956
Highbridge Voices Board Member


All gifts to Highbridge Voices are tax deductible; it is a qualified (c) 3 organization. A leader in serving young people in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, it is in its second decade of equipping young people.